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Simplifi provides you with the tools to effectively manage your team, from payroll processing and services like time management. With ACA monitoring, there is nothing we can’t handle for you!

Simplifi’s PayXpress is the easiest way for your business to process payroll online. Run payroll anytime, from any device in less than a minute, and automatically file taxes with no hassle. Plus, you get access to features like review paychecks before they’re processed, so mistakes are never made!

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Simplifi was built on the philosophy that our customers have to be at the heart of why we do what we do. And because of that, our focus is what matters most to you. Amazing service, easy-to-use software, professional team of experts and so much more. Learn more about how we work to help you grow your business.

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Payroll is a serious business. So much so that a good majority of businesses run into issues from the constant changes in regulations. Why not lean on Simplifi when it comes to protecting your business? Learn how Simplifi's team of experts can make compliance a breeze.

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