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All the tools you need to manage your team and your business with just one click.

Time and team management

The easy way of managing time and workforce.

Tracking employee times and operation costs are the top priority to helping your business stay on track and grow. We offer you the ability to track payroll, employees and contractors, from one dashboard. Get detailed reports on wages, taxes, and more from your computer or mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

Holiday, time off and sick day pay

Customize your team's off days to suit your needs

Customize your time-off policies within our system and the reports you prefer with just a few clicks. All data can be organized based upon the information that means the most to how you operate. Our Experts can also help you with automatically calculating PTO liabilities so you remain compliant from the very start.

Mobile management

Team management anytime, anywhere

Our time tracking tool is easy to use and can be accessed in your office or on the go via your mobile device. Rearrange schedules, cover shifts, and fill slots when a team member calls in sick without slowing your business down. Being able to work on the go, keeps you lean, mean and focused.

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Simplifi was built on the philosophy that our customers have to be at the heart of why we do what we do. And because of that, our focus is what matters most to you. Amazing service, easy-to-use software, professional team of experts and so much more. Learn more about how we work to help you grow your business.

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Payroll is a serious business. So much so that a good majority of businesses run into issues from the constant changes in regulations. Why not lean on Simplifi when it comes to protecting your business? Learn how Simplifi's team of experts can make compliance a breeze.

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